Fields Of Action

Ecological education

Understanding the world around us in its complexity and abundance of possibilities is a great and at the same time desirable challenge for us humans. Short-sighted and reckless actions change our living environment  so quickly and dramatically that neither momentary nor long-term consequences remain foreseeable. A growing world population with its increasing demand for resources requires a general rethinking of how we treat our planet and all its creatures. That’s what we are convinced of and why we support young people in developing new perspectives and sustainable approaches to promote regenerative strategies in ecological management.

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Transcultural education

In a globalised world, solutions cannot be thought in terms of borders. Living and thinking together in solidarity is necessary to bring about sustainable change. For this, it is important to develop an understanding of individual preconditions instead of simply adopting generalisations and prejudices. Transcultural education aims to sensitise people to the crucial aspects of coexistence . It directs the focus on a person’s imprint, which is much more decisive than the “original descent”. In our learning modules, we want to create the space to get to know oneself better. In this way we support a reflection of one’s own – not only culturally shaped – ways of acting. Self-understanding is an important step in promoting mutual acceptance and interest in the actions of a counterpart. All this is needed for understanding interpersonal encounters around the world – as well as for sustainable coexistence.

Economic education

How does an idea become a business? What will companies look like in the future? Rapidly advancing digitalisation and the accompanying change to fully automated machine processes in services, manufacturing and production of goods are a tangible certainty these days. Unfortunately, an equally rapid rethinking of social and entrepreneurial values and a fundamental reassessment of economic strategies and goals are not yet. In the field of economic education, we want to encourage, guide and accompany young adults to realise new entrepreneurial approaches. Through empowerment and competence building, we want to enable them to actively shape and improve the world and thus create structures in which the goals of their ideas can be sustained.