Wendenstraße 10,
99089 Erfurt, Thüringen

Dienstag bis Freitag: 10:00 - 18:00

1. Kin-Ball Klub Erfurter Lachse e.V.

The 1st Kin-Ball Klub Erfurter Lachse e.V., or Erfurter Lachse for short, is a sports club founded in Erfurt in spring 2021, which is dedicated to practicing and promoting the sport of Kin-Ball. The club, with its young members, actively plays in the Kin-Ball Bundesliga and aims to organize events in addition to the sporting competition and to get involved in the long term.

What is Kin-Ball? Kin-Ball is the only sport in the world in which 3 teams of 4 players compete against each other simultaneously on a 20 x 20 m playing field without a net or goal. The ball has a diameter of 1.22 meters and weighs less than 1 kilogram.
The basic aim of the game is to prevent the ball from touching the ground.