Grow together

Grow together” brought social and sustainable education into the urban gardens of Erfurt. Our events started with a live stream from the garden of the Klanggerüst association. Local musicians and interviews with volunteers from Erfurt filled the two-and-a-half-hour program. Here you can watch the entire stream.

In the Lagune e.V. there was a recycling workshop in which we built a foldable slatted bench with a group of students from the University of Erfurt. On the grounds of the BUGA 2021 in the garden of the associations, we held an art and sustainability seminar in front of our self-built Geodome. Art students studying at the University of Erfurt painted, knitted and drew accompanied by live music from local singer- and songwriters. In June our culture picnic took place in the Klanggerüst, where visitors could enjoy local musicians, poetry slamers and the urban green. As part of Grow Together our garden party proceeded in the STZ Herrenberg. Live music by a Latin American band and by singers and songwriters embellished the warm summer evening.
Our final event, the Evening of Cultures, took place in cooperation with the “Engagement Land” event from Culture Goes Europe Erfurt and the Social Impulse Hub at the Klanggerüst.
It was an intercultural afternoon where you could get in touch with local and international initiatives from Erfurt and, among other things, get in touch with new people at multilingual karaoke.

We worked together with the university as well as with other Erfurt initiatives, such as the Hochschulliga, fairly fair, the STZ am Herrenberg, the KüfA, the Lagune e.V. and the Klanggerüst.