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99089 Erfurt, Thüringen

Dienstag bis Freitag: 10:00 - 18:00

Let’s Play Together

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and the associated contact restrictions and hygiene measures, people have found it difficult to maintain social contacts in the real world. Some groups have found a way around this and met regularly online for a game night.

We as an association have taken this up and come up with a format to give young people in particular a platform to experience fun and games again and meet new people.

We organize game nights at regular intervals and invite everyone to join us. We started with the first events at the end of 2021. Now we want to continue in 2022. We have a wide range of games available for this. This includes classics such as Risk, Activity, Scotland Yard and Dixit as well as less well-known games with at least as much fun factor such as Kyoto, the Corona Game, Oh Woman and Cockroach Poker. Games that focus on ecological and sustainable topics, such as Flügelschlag or Planet A, have also been tested on previous game evenings. Whether creativity, luck of the dice or the right strategy, there is something for everyone. You are also welcome to bring and present your own games.

Come along to our game evenings and become part of a growing community of game lovers.

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