Wendenstraße 10,
99089 Erfurt, Thüringen

Dienstag bis Freitag: 10:00 - 18:00

fairwertbar e.V. Jena

We have been advising fairwertbar e.V. since 2021. The aim of the association is to create an open space for everyone that is framed by a common understanding of values. It opens up a social field of experimentation that is intended to open people up to new ideas and provide impetus for critical self-reflection. They do this by questioning how we live and consume, and want to encourage an appreciative approach to resources. People should feel encouraged to network with other committed people and discuss sustainability issues. To this end, they initiate projects in various areas. For example, they run a food sharing cafe where educational events are organized, have a mobile vegan kitchen to counteract food waste and run a repair cafe where they want to encourage people to recycle and repair things instead of throwing them away or buying new ones.